The weather is gloomy, and so am I – A guide to the winter blues

October is coming to an end, and though the weather is still pleasant, days are getting shorter and shorter as winter is approaching. Winter has a duality about it: it entails a variety of holidays to celebrate the ones we love. On the flip side, it also comes with the biting cold, final exams and the added stress of buying the right gifts for all of our family members. The cold season also means getting the “winter blues” – something most of us experience, but few of us have a name for.

Karinthy Frigyes és Kosztolányi Dezső borítókép

Kindred spirits – the extraordinary friendship of Kosztolányi & Karinthy

Two of the most influential literary figures of 20th century Hungary, Dezső Kosztolányi and Frigyes Karinthy were known for their interest in the human psyche, philosophy and original sense of humor. Away from their typewriters they fostered a close and almost childlike friendship, while having mutual admiration for each other. It was the true bromance that transformed both of their lives as well as Hungarian literature.


Is it only going downhill from here? – managing a quarter-life crisis

Each phase of a person’s life entails its own hardships and challenges, but perhaps the most difficult and transformative period is what we go through from age 18 to 30. It is during this era that people are expected to build the foundations of their adult life. Safe to say that the choices we make during these years determine how we will live the rest of our lives, so no wonder why many young people crack under the pressure and sink into a quarter-life crisis.