Cat in the room? – what to consider when taking in a furry friend

Nowadays, we can see more and more often, one of our most independent companions locked within four walls. We are used to meeting them in the neighborhood, seeing them hunting, and rubbing against our legs. They also enchant us with their playfulness on social media. But we barely see them on the streets anymore.

What could be the cause of this astonishing phenomenon? Is it healthy for cats and how does it affect our view of our furry friends?

According to the first memories, they have been living in our immediate environment for 10,000 years, but they were domesticated only 4,000 years ago. Since then, farms and gates have been replaced by crowded cities, and as people got closer and closer to each other, so did our kittens’ relationship became closer with us. The doormat of family houses is often adorned with carcasses of mice and smaller birds, which our pets, according to research, intend as gifts. As a result of the proliferation of block houses, it has become common for glowing yellows eyes to look back at us from the window.

Like us, our velvet-footed friends have different habits. In addition to their common qualities, one is a fan of caressing, but another can only stand it. Every cat is different, just like humans. According to experienced cat keepers, there is no problem keeping cats indoors. What’s more, it can prevent the poisoning of the animal or any accident on public roads. In addition, they are great to have around, the fur that is perfect for petting, the huge eyes, the soft paws and their playfulness also make them attractive. Their advantage and disadvantage are that they do not have to or in some cases cannot really be walked. As a room-kitten the apartment is their world, maybe that’s why they can be scared if we take them out.

According to an animal shelter employee, trouble can occur if a cat kept inside is released or one that is kept outside is locked up. The former can be confused due to fear, and the latter will most likely be bored, so it can damage our furniture and valuables. On the other hand, if we keep them outside they can live their own social life. Responsible owners should choose their pets with this in mind.

If a furry pet moves inside the house the owner will have to deal with a lot. Such are the smells. Neither the food nor the litter tray smells of roses. And our cotton clothes, if not kept in a safe location, will soon have a fur effect because of the fallen hairs. We should mention our allergic friends and family, who we can no longer host. Fortunately, in the 21st century, scented sticks, and potpourri, are just as helpful to us, as the self-adhesive and microfiber roller. And we can’t forget about allergy medicine and handkerchiefs and in the worst case
scenario the nearby cafe.

So, there is a solution to everything. We need to make a responsible decision knowing all the facts before we get a purring artist.