Trending Classics Season 2.

You read it right. Trending Classics are back with Season 2 to give you six more stories to binge-read! Can you guess all of them based on their descriptions?

Written by: Annamari Rátki, Dorottya Csikai

You made the oldest mistake in the book (pun intended): you judged it by its cover. Let us show you how your compulsory reading list for English Literature is basically your “Recommended” bar on Netflix.

1. Can't wait

Two best friends have just sent their college applications to the same Ivy-league institutions and are eagerly waiting to hear back from them. The stakes are high: if they aren’t accepted to the same college, they simply won’t go (because that is the indicator of a true friendship, as we all know). The story captures the act of waiting perfectly: that sometimes overwhelming, sometimes quite entertaining, sometimes simply numb feeling of anticipating a change that might be late, or might never arrive at all.

2. I need a dollar

Church guy realizes he has not found his true calling yet and sets out on a backpacking journey through Europe. He hitchhikes to France where he gets himself into all kinds of trouble: he refuses to give money to a homeless dude that turns out to be a famous Youtuber shooting a social experiment video, he tries to pick up French women (more or less successfully), he makes new friends, and he lives his best life without a care in the world or a dollar in his pocket.

3. P R O M

High school sophomore main character does not care much about the prom, but his junior girlfriend does: after hearing a rumour that they might win Prom King & Queen, that is all she can think about. She convinces her boyfriend to help her, and they cross out the popular kids’ names from the list, all in vain: the teacher will end up picking their favourites anyway. A story of power, deception, lust and consequences!

4. Island Retreat

Rich kid finally gets served by karma and gets a permanent retreat on an exotic island. He starts journaling and gets great at DIY. To deal with his loneliness he adopts a bunch of fur babies and becomes a full on plant daddy. After a while he discovers his island is actually a popular spot for the local religious group and their monthly cook out. He meets one of the honorary guests and they become roomies. From here on they seem to have a stream of house guests and maybe one of them can give a lift off of this tropical paradise.

5. I’m fine – Sister edition

Two sisters. One is a stay at home wife with a 10/10 husband, the other is a Gucci girl taking a vacation from her stressful job of teaching in a private school. Five minutes after reuniting secrets start to surface. But they are fine. The husband can get a little excited when playing cards, but it never leaves a mark. The older sister has her eyes on an eligible bachelor but all her dirty laundry is coming out. No but really they are FINE. Well, until they aren’t.

6. House on the Hill

Typical childhood best friends to lovers to haters to pining to ghosting. You know just the usual. Set in an eerie mansion with a bunch of attractive British people and major Gossip Girl syndrome. Effective communication is not in the cards, dooming everyone’s lives and creating drama left and right.

How many did you guess? Have you seen any of these hits before? Hang tight in your comfy chairs and get ready because we totally got renewed for a couple more seasons!