Disney+ is finally available in Hungary – Here are our recommendations

Disney+ was launched in 2019, and after a 3-year wait, it finally arrived in Hungary. From the 20th of July you can watch everything on the streaming service for only 2490 Ft. For that amount you get over 80.000 episodes of content from Disney, Pixar, Marvel, Star Wars, National Geography and Star properties. You can watch things in the original language or search for the numerous dubbed and subtitled films and shows. Here is a list of our top picks and some hidden gems:

Theatre from the West End straight to your home – National Theatre Live

If you walked by Uránia cinema on Rákoczi street, you might have seen posters for classic plays such as Hamlet or Romeo and Juliet featuring famous film stars such as Benedict Cumberbatch or Jessie Buckley. No, sadly these great performances aren’t coming to Hungary any time soon. However, the National Theatre of London brings it to us through high-quality streams. And now you don’t even have to leave your home for it.

Readathon – Our experience of the reading challenge

Who has time to read a book nowadays? Next to university and working we barely have time to sit down and relax. It is even harder to find some quiet time when you can truly dedicate yourself to get lost in a book, without the distractions of the world. So we decided to forcefully create a time like that. We challenged ourselves to spend a whole day reading, and this is how it went.

Trending Classics Season 2.

You read it right. Trending Classics are back with Season 2 to give you six more stories to binge-read! Can you guess all of them based on their descriptions?

Recommended for you: Trending classics

You have heard of them. You were supposed to read them, but you got away with a trusty summary from Gradesaver – if you just had more time, maybe you would have skimmed through the whole thing, but it was almost 500 pages. Who are you fooling, you were never going to read it.

One-day experiences – Day Trips around Hungary

Budapest is an amazing city with many opportunities to make the most of your day. But if you want to get away from the capital it is also a great starting point. Hungary might look tiny on the map compared to other countries but it still full of spectecular cities to discover. Let’s look at some cities that you can reach easily and spend a day full of amazing activities and still get back in time for your classes the next day.