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You have heard of them. You were supposed to read them, but you got away with a trusty summary from Gradesaver – if you just had more time, maybe you would have skimmed through the whole thing, but it was almost 500 pages. Who are you fooling, you were never going to read it.

Written by: Annamari Rátki, Dorottya Csikai

You made the oldest mistake in the book (pun intended): you judged it by its cover. Let us show you how your compulsory reading list for English Literature is basically your “Recommended” bar on Netflix.

1. Au pair thriller

Girl-next-door main character takes a gap year after graduation and accidentally meets a handsome, wealthy man at Whole Foods who offers her a babysitting job. Suddenly, she is all alone in a different city, just trying to figure out who she is and what her true dream is if she can trust anyone from the people she is working for, if the children murdered their previous au pairs, if she is next, if she has gone mad or she sees the kids interacting with ghosts…not your average YA post-graduation summer romcom!

Henry James: The Turn of the Screw

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2. Love against all odds

Romeo and Juliet reloaded – father disapproves of daughter’s true love and wants her to marry someone else. The young, inseparable lovers escape to Coachella, where their dumb parents cannot keep them apart. Even the weird theatre kids got tickets somehow. A short, strange dude roofies everyone, causing weird hookup situations, but everyone finds their significant other, as all good stories end.

William Shakespeare: A Midsummer Night's Dream

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3. Animals can be bastards, too

This story is a great excuse for non-vegans: a wild and angry (and rather terrifying) army of animals scare weird hippie guy away from his home (presumably to a 72-hour silent retreat). They build a human-like society and even develop a weird Facebook wall on the side of the barn (that keeps changing, but this one cannot be blamed on Zuckerberg), but of course, the whole place becomes a mess and smells like pigs.

George Orwell: Animal Farm

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4. Ice, ice baby

The mad scientist who invented the atomic bomb did a little home project… Let’s hope the cold never bothered you anyway! Our main guy goes on a tropical holiday where he is asked to fill in the newly vacant position of dictator. All he wanted was to bang a hot chic, but if that comes with the job (shrugs shoulder). He gets recruited into a cult and someone keeps the deadliest weapon on the planet in a thermal flask.

Kurt Vonnegut: Cat’s Cradle

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5. All of us are lying

Single mother is slut shamed by the whole town but she takes it head held high. No one can get the name of the baby daddy from her. At the same time, her presumed dead husband comes back and wants revenge on the guy. He poses as a doctor and investigates. The kid grows and so does the guilt of the baby daddy. Will his guilt expose him? Romantic drama sprinkled with lies, secrets, priest kink and everything nice.

Nathaniel Hawthorn: The Scarlet Letter

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6. Criminal Minds but make it country wives

Police and neighbours arrive to the scene of a horrific murder. The sheriff already has the wife in custody, obvious she did it, but what was the motive? The men are walking around the apartment clueless. In the meantime, their boss ass wives deliver a whole profile and solve the case while cleaning the kitchen. But will they share their discovery?

Susan Glaspell: Trifles

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Did any of these made it into your List? If yes, don’t forget to set your notifications, because Season 2 is in the making, and we have many more classics waiting for you!